Business Model

Roxane differentiates herself by working directly with her clients - no assistant or junior broker managing accounts or showing property.  Her commitment acknowledges the strategic importance to the client of every broker action.   She believes clients deserve a  highly-experienced, attentive commercial real estate broker who sees the openings and creates opportunities that lead to optimizing and realizing their goals.

Her office is 100% confidential.  No staff—no leaks.

Roxane believes that commercial brokers should not compete with the interests of their clients by owning commercial real estate.  Instead, she believes the role of a commercial broker is to provide results, period.  Over twenty-five years as a commercial broker, she has viewed first-hand the issues that occur for clients when their commercial broker, or the broker's firm, owns commercial real estate.  It is common in the greater Portland commercial real estate market for brokers or their firms to own commercial buildings—that fact puts them in a position of competition with the goals of clients.  Additionally, some firms manage or list for lease large amounts of office space for clients that produces conflicts.  It is an absolute fact that it is impossible for brokers to represent both sides in a transaction.

Roxane Cole Commercial Real Estate was founded to offer a distinctly different approach to commercial brokerage that bridges the gap for clients concerned with business as usual.  It exists for those wanting assurance that their decisions are sound in the areas of commercial leasing, using buyer brokerage as well as investing in and selling commercial property.

Roxane's effective guidance was evident to a banker she worked with recently on a commercial real estate short sale.  He expressed his appreciation for her optimistic approach to viewing circumstances that provided solutions in a difficult situation.  He noted that in addition to the business details, Roxane understands the human dimension and is effective at helping people move to decisions and not get paralyzed and stuck.  He summed it up by saying that she "helps average people make big decisions".

Roxane provides unquestioned guidance without hidden conflicts—paramount in all market conditions, but especially when the going is tough.